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Skin Care Tips in Urdu | Beauty Tips for Oily Skin, Fairness, Dryness and Protection

Skin Care Tips in Urdu from Dermatologists


Everybody knows no less than one lady with flawless glowing skin. At whatever point you see her seemingly glowing face, you think, how can she do it? Which costly creams and items would she say she is using? What kind of otherworldly tips would she say she is following? Here we brought some mystery skin mind tips in Urdu that can make your skin impeccable, glowing and great.

International Dermatologists recommend all these skin mind tips so you can give them a shot with no hazard.

Beauty tips in Urdu

Skin Care Tips in Urdu from Dermatologists

Moisturizer Up

Moisturizing your skin day by day is the best safeguard against dry skin. Apply salve directly after you clean up, it will seal in the dampness that your skin simply assimilated.

Utilize any great quality lotion, and dependably keep it with you, in your pack, office, and auto.

Facial Massage

Facial back rub is the best protection to battle wrinkles. Apply facial pressure point massage for a couple of minutes at sleep time. Day by day back rub will unwind your facial muscles and stop the skin aging procedure.

Never Compromise on Your Rest

Have you at any point pondered, why you feel tired? Obviously, this is on account of you don’t have the enough rest.

Not having enough Zzzzz’s can bring about anxiety and melancholy, which prompts dull appearance and breakouts.

Do whatever you can to get in 7 to 8 hours a day and your skin – including those troublesome under-eye packs and dark circles! – Will look better. A decent rest offers the kind of results that no skin item can mirror.


Jodi Ranson, an Esthetician at Utah’s Golden Door Spa, prescribes nectar for dry and split lips. It hydrates dried skin and mends wounds, in addition to it has hostile to viral properties, that makes it a decent mouth blister cure.

Beauty tips in Urdu for sleek skin]

Utilize Sunscreen

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Protecting yourself from sun harm is so vital for your skin. Utilize a decent sunscreen to your face, neck, trunk and hands to help avert wrinkles, sunburn and skin tumor.

Evade Hot Showers

Hot showers can dry, so never wash your face with high temp water – it’s excessively brutal for your skin. Instead, utilize tepid water.


On the off chance that your appearance is going dull, odds are it needs somewhat clean. Utilize a scour with round globules to bog off the dead skin cell, and glowing skin will rise underneath. Confine the peeling to just twice per week to dodge bothering.

 Totkay for skin fairness

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Individuals regularly give careful consideration to their eating routine, and they concentrate just on skin mind items and medicines, which is a major oversight.

A Mediterranean eating regimen brimming with organic product, angle, vegetables, tea and olive oil gives the skin the sound omega unsaturated fats. This eating routine has cell reinforcements your skin needs and will increase your skin capacity to clutch dampness and turn around the sun harm.

100 wellbeing tips in Urdu that can change your lifestyle

Clean Your Makeup Brushes Regularly

To battle stopped up pores and infection, wash establishment and concealer brushes once per week. For brushes, you use around eyes, wash them twice per month, and for whatever other brush, once in a month.

Stopped Smoking

There are hundreds and thousands of reasons why smoking is terrible for your wellbeing, yet did you know second-hand smoke (aloof smoking) can likewise be destructive to your skin?

Despite the fact that you may not smoke, being around smokers can likewise bring about many skin issues, for example, skin sagging and wrinkles.

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I trust these skin mind tips in Urdu would help you to have a glowing and impeccable skin without spending thousands of rupees.

In the event that you think this information was useful then bear in mind to impart it to your loved ones, additionally on the off chance that you have any inquiries and questions then drop them in the remarks area beneath.

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